Tools for Creating Videos

Tools for Creating Videos

This page will offer you several different free options for creating your own instructional videos.
Plan your videos by creating a storyboard

Don't want to screencast yourself??  Try: PowtoonGoAnimateAnimoto, or WeVideo

Most of us have been a part of a Google Hangout, but if you choose the Hangout On Air option, you can record yourself and your computer screen. Written directions are linked here, but video directions appear below:

Screencasting with Google Hangouts on Air

If you are looking for a simple way to create a screencast of 15 minutes or less, Screencast-O-Matic is a free, Web 2.0 tool that is worth exploring. There is no software to install, but you may have to have the tech department update your Java plugin for your web browser. Video instructions for using Screencast-O-Matic are below:


If you want your students to create a screencast, your options are limited with the Chromebook. However, ScreenCastify is a simple to use option that can automatically save videos to Google Drive or YouTube. Directions for using ScreenCastify for Chrome can be found below:

ScreenCastify for Chrome

สำเนาของ ScreenCastify for Chrome

Snagit for Chrome (not to be confused with the full software that you can buy and download to your PC), is another good option for use on the Chromebook. If you go to the Chrome Web Store, you can download BOTH the Snagit App and Extension to your Chrome Browser. Directions for using Snagit for Chrome can be found below:

Snagit for Chrome

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